Thanks for visiting Wealth Magnet Fix. This site is to help the everyday individual understand that everyone is able to to change the way they think.  And in doing so can dramatically improve their life, including their financial situation. With a few exceptions we all have the ability to pursue our goals and become successful at whatever success means to us personally.

The big difference, which makes all the difference is the way our minds work. And most of that is from the way we’ve been programmed from a very young age. The beliefs, habits and attitudes good or bad, positive or negative we have generally picked up from others that we spend considerable time around.

When we are stuck with negative self defeating beliefs there is little chance of becoming wealthy and happy. Most people don’t believe they deserve to be wealthy and successful.  With guidance and persistence plus the desire for change, you, like many, many others can change your stars.

Why not you? You are just as smart and just as deserving as anyone else, including those that are already wealthy. The difference is in the mind set and you can change yours if you really and truly want to!

We see all the time it’s not about education as many drop outs have become millionaires. And it’s not about coming from a wealthy back ground because most self made millionaires didn’t.  They’ve known what struggle is and decided they didn’t want to struggle anymore. You could well be the next one!